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Sunday 25 November 2012

This Blog is for my fellow Marine Engineers who are preparing for their Class Examinations.

First Post will be on

"Boiler water"

Coming Soon!!!!


  1. really appreciate ur worth effort sir...although i have cleared my class II 1.5 years back still it is good to read ur stuff.
    thank you

    Gaurav Maithil
    2AE, NYK

    1. Many thanks Mr. Gaurav, Good to see that this blog is able to help the audience, please check out my other 2 new posts. Your comments are what motivates me to write further and help my fellow mariners to give them an edge in the maritime industry.

  2. sir can i get detail on air compressor how it works and what is difference between two stage and single stage compressor and safeties on it what is aftercooler and before cooler all basics on air compressor and can i know what chemical dosing is used for boiler and for what and waht is flashing and purging of boiler and what is difference between EGB and auxillary what voltage is required for ignoter and tyes of burner used on board its to much to ask but as a fresher you can understand me
    thanking you a lot for above provided knowledge